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June 6, 2020 
Feature Car Archive - March 2006
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Front Angle
Rex Weatherford (Shelbina, MO)
1992 GTZ - 2.3L DOHC (Manual)
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Deja vu huh? This month we are featuring the Turbo Quad 4 92 GTZ owned by Rex Weatherford. Rex has owned this car for quite a long time, and has taken this car far beyond it's original form. Appearing stock from the outside, but packing junkyard turbo punch, Rex's GTZ is one of the more famous cars in our community.

Rex's GTZ has a best 1/4 mile time of 13.523 @ 105.16 MPH. More recently the car has seen some additional modifications that should take it a bit deeper into the 13's with the proper driver techinique.

Onto the more prevelant issure at hand, Rex's GTZ is currently for sale. Rex's current price is $4500, and having seen this car in person on the dyno where it layed down 280+ hp at the crank, and seeing it on the strip... this car is one hell of a monster for the money. To find out a bit more about the sale check out:;f=43;t=49
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