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June 6, 2020 
Feature Car Archive - May 2004
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Kurt Workman (Ottumwa, IA)
1993 GT - 3.4L SFI (Manual)
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This month, we will be featuring my 1993 GT. I have just recently completed my full Indy/GTU ground effects, and am one of the few to have it fully painted. It has been a long time in the making.

I bought this car in June of 2000 after months of searching for the car that was me. I found it in the form of a black with black crosslaces Beretta GT in a small dealership parking lot. At first it was a car, nothing more. Point A to point B. I did a couple of mods right off of the bat, a Pioneer Din and half cd player, and a K&N drop in filter. It pretty much stayed that way through the winter of 2001. I was interested in cars and modding throughout the whole time, but, I viewed the Beretta as having little potential and wanted to sell it or trade it for everything I found that had an aftermarket.

February 2001 I was on my way home one night when tragedy struck, I slid on ice and went through a gaurd rail going 40 mph. It all but totaled the car, and I was really upset from what happened. It showed me how much I loved the car. I ended up rebuilding it out of my own pocket since I covered up the accident to keep from losing my liscence. The bond between me and my car grew stronger. Spring of 2001 I got my first set of wheels on the car, and discovered, it opened my eyes to a lot of info I had no idea existed.

Fast forward to June of 2002, I had just graduated high school and had a lot of money. There was only one place I wanted to put it. I got a set of 17" wheels, the ones I currently have now. A muffler, subs and amp, and quite a few other mods. Earlier that spring I also bought my 2nd car, the future donor of half of my ground effects, a 1989 GTU. I put the sideskirts and rear valence from the GTU on to my GT in June of 2002, the front piece from the GTU was pretty messed up. So I started searching for a front piece.

2 years, and many thousands of dollars in mods later I finally found one on eBay. I watched it like a hawk, and during the final minute of the auction I put down a huge bid for insurance. I won! It got to my house in pristine condition and waited in my garage for spring, and paint, and installation. I finally got it on about 2 weeks ago, and it is what you see in the picture now.

Over the years of owning my Beretta I have went from a dejected wanna be ricer stuck in a potential-less old Beretta, to being a very respected member of the Beretta Community. My hardwork has earned quite a bit of admiration throughout the community as well. Has it been worth it? After 4 years and a total investment of over $16,000, hell yes it has been. I wouldn't trade this car for anything, and I'd do it just the same all over again. I wouldn't be the person I am if I didn't own my Beretta. We have been through hell and back many times, and a few times we've come out on top. Thank you to everyone who has helped me and the car over the years.
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