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December 14, 2019 
Feature Car Archive - June 2003
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Rex Weatherford (Shelbina, MO)
1992 GTZ - 2.3L DOHC (Manual)
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This GTZ is 1 of 1656 made with a Quad4 in 1992. It has an option package that is very rare for GTZ's. It has no power windows, or cruise, or rear defrost, or trunk release, but does have a sunroof. I was looking for a GTZ or GT 5-speed when I found this car, but I was not serious until I just happened upon it. It was sitting in a lot at a small car dealership. I knew that this one was mine. I purchased the car for $4000 and that was well below blue book for that time. It had about 88K miles, and was in quite good shape. The cheap S-rated tires were the first thing to go. This GTZ has gone through quite an evolution from stock to highly modified and many stops along the way, but it has never broken down because of the engine. This was the first BNet GTZ in the 15's and 14's. I am now on the verge of the 13's with a good trip down the track. It was the first over 95 MPH and 2nd over 100 MPH in the 1/4. It is still the fastest all motor GTZ in the 1/4 mile that I know of. I autocross the car in the SCCA Street Modified class when time allows and like to just go for spirited drives across the country side. I love seeing us push the cars faster and faster every year as we evolve the knowledge base of our members.

I am a Missouri native and am now living back in the city I grew up in, right across the street from my childhood home. I am a married father of 2 girls. I have lived in Missouri, Florida and Georgia and have many friends scattered across the USA and the world due to work, play and I enjoy working on my car and helping others learn about the car that they drive. Together with other owners we have learned a lot and accomplished much. I joined the BNet mailing list back in 1995 or 96 when there were less than 30 members. I am a founding member of the mailing list, web site, message board, and have been to all but the first BFest (only 4 people). I love to get together with other Beretta owners and discuss things and share ideas. I can't wait to see what the future will bring...

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