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June 6, 2020 
Feature Car Archive - July 2003
Member #10

Front Angle Elevated
Aaron Choate (Colorado Springs, CO)
1992 GTZ - 2.3L DOHC (Manual)
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Freshly Repainted Artic White - Medium Blue Metallic Vinyl stipes
Powdercoated Wheels
Eibach Springs Pro Kit (1.25" Drop)

Torqueplate Bored .020 Block
Cryo Treated Crankshaft w/CR-1 Coated Race Bearings
Shot peened rods with ARP studs
Custom Wiseco Forged Aluminum Pistons w/ Titanium Wrist Pins - 11.3:1 C/R - DFL and Thermal Ceramic Coated
Custom TotalSeal Gapless Rings
Fidanza Custom Aluminum Flywheel (7.8lbs)
Clutchmasters Stage 3 Kevlar Clutch w/ 1800lbs Pressure Plate
New GM 086 Head - CNC ported, Decked .040, 8000 RPM HD Springs, Thermal Ceramic coated combustion chambers and exhaust runners
W41 Camshafts
Custom Cam Gears
Extrude Honed Intake manifold
Custom ported HO exhaust manifold connected to 2.5" Exhaust system
A/C Deleted
Rebuild 3.94 FDR Transmission w/ Gleason Torsen LSD unit
Custom HD Axles
75 Shot N2O via a Nitrous Works system
FFP Billit Dogbone
All motor mounts filled with 94A Shore Polyurethane

To date Aaron's best 1/4 mile time in this nitrous injected beast is 13.671 @ 102.61mph. This currently puts Aaron as the owner and driver of the 2nd fastest daily driven/street legal Beretta.
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