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December 14, 2019 
Feature Car Archive - August 2003
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Charles Streetman (Glen Ellyn, IL)
1991 Base - 3.1L MPFI (Automatic)
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This month's feature car kind of goes off the path that we started down initially. Leading up to this month, we had documented two highly-modded and fast Berettas. This month, we feature a car that is special for a completely different reason.

Written by: Charles Streetman
"I bought this car new in 1991. I grew up liking Chevys and looked at both Berettas and Cavaliers when it came time to spend the big money on a new car. I decided I liked the Beretta much better due to its larger size and much more modern design and interior. About a year after I bought it, I almost sold it because I had trouble making the payments; I even tried refinancing the loan through my bank but that was no help because with my GMAC loan I was paying for all the interest first before ever paying any money for the car itself! Oh well I learned a lesson there...

I've kept the car pretty stock but added many things that it didn't have originally: the spoiler, GTU wheels, trunk carpeting, Delco CD player, cool lighted trunk opener button, etc... New seats and a new dash replaced the originals which were worn out. I do a lot of driving and finally turned it over 300K miles this spring. I don't know if it matters but I've always used the same brand of oil each time. Luckily the 2.8 and 3.1 Berettas are really easy to change the oil on. Being a base model, its not rare and is a good car for racking up miles on - I wouldn't want to put 300K on a yellow Indy for example. Anyway I'm basically a cheap guy and I want to keep driving this car for several more years. I still like the looks and style of the Beretta, and to me they're much more unique than all the look-alike cars and SUV's out there."
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