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June 6, 2020 
Feature Car Archive - September 2003
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At Las Vegas Motor Speedway
Adam Mufford (Lommel, Belgium)
1993 GTZ - 2.3L DOHC (Manual)
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This months feature car belongs to Adam Mufford. Adam currently owns two Quad 4 GTZ's. This month we are featuring his insane 1993 GTZ.

Let's see where it all started... At the time (October '98) I owned a '88 Z24 and a Chevelle, I think I was inspired by Dr. Dave and Mark Ethier from the long ago days of B-net when there were around 50 members or so. I wanted a white Q4 -- that's all that mattered. Well I found one on Auto-trader with 88,000 miles and a blue interior; I was like, "wow, that's rare" that plus there were only 621 made in 1993. So anyways, I was living in Las Vegas at the time and the car was in Midland, TX. So I bought me a ticket on Southwest and flew on out. The drive back was about the most fun I've had with the GTZ. Well, the first day I had the car it was backed into in a parking lot. Oh well, what can you do? Not long after that, I made a "cool" air intake with a cone filter followed by a full 2.5" exhaust and a blown head gasket. I had been waiting on a Mantapart ported head, 60mm T/B and W41 cams and chip. Well the only thing that arrived was a T/B and W41 cams. So I gave up on them and the internals. I was going to attend BerettaFest '99 but had some problems with the law. But I did make it to BerettaFest Ontario and whilte at home in NY on vacation I added the Eibachs. Then came BerettaFest 2000. I stepped up to the plate and started running N2O for a while before the 'Fest. Well, this inspired other to "um" go up a notch. I started to buy turbo parts at this point, but got discouraged because I found out I was going over to Belgium. I sold my '69 Chevelle and paid off the loan. I bought a complete motor from Dick Read and a brand new tranny from Paul Hacker. (This was because I did not want any problems when I got to Belgium.) Well most of us know that did not turn out too well. The shipping company blew up the motor and smashed the front end. I got a settlement for $4800. I rebuilt the motor but failed to notice the bent rod. That motor lasted 3 hours. I started all over again with a Curtis Walker brake kit, Haltech, Wiseco pistons, and an 086 head. While I was waiting for parts, I had the subframe powdercoated blue along with a few other parts. I always have to have a clean car. I loved it in Vegas -- I had no problem there, but now that I'm in Belgium with all this dang rain, the car is a PITA to keep clean. But with how loud it is and how it looks, people over here take notice regardless. I've also had a few kill stories with the GTZ both in Auto-X and street racing. N2O: the great equalizer.

Article by Adam Mufford
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