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December 14, 2019 
Feature Car Archive - October 2005
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Dustin Bainbridge (Ames, IA)
1988 GTU - 3.1L MPFI (Manual)
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This month we'll feature my '88 GTU that I had originally bought to be a daily driver that also turned into a restoration/mini-project. This car has came a long way from when I first got it -- I have added power windows, power trunk release, replaced both door panels, added GTZ seating, and updated the interior a little with a leather shift knob and boot combination -- just to name a few (check the member page for more.)

The whole drivetrain has been replaced with a 3.1L that was rebuilt 35,000 miles ago and runs quite strong. The transmission is unique, it is believed to have come from an A-body -- it has two transmission fluid dipsticks. Externally the car needs some help, GM's bad primer in the late 80's got the best of me in a few spots -- and it's getting slightly worse every couple of months. I was able to get a front spoiler back on it again as well thanks to the help of Kurt who had one to spare.

Nearly every component on the car has been replaced and should have many more miles up ahead. I guess the 250,000+ on the cluster right now isn't enough for this Chevy...
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