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July 16, 2024 

Installing Aftermarket 4x6" Speakers
Last Updated: June 22, 2003

Let me guess, your kick panel speakers are starting to sound rough on highs, and very flat on the low notes. You are in luck, this is an easy swap to upgrade the sound in the front of the passenger cabin. This how to applies to 91 - 96 Berettas.

Tools for the job: a Phillips Head Screwdriver, 7mm socket, ratchet, and an 8mm wrench, possibly some pliers, and the good ole wire strippers.

First start off by removing the trim piece that runs along the bottom of your door, this should be 5 screws. Next if this is your first time doing this you will need to remove the black cover under your dash, there are 4 screws for this. Once that is off you can fiddle with your kick panel, and the stud that goes through it from the firewall. I ended up using pliers to unscrew it, once it is out you can remove the kick panel. Now you need your wrench and you can unbolt the speaker from the panel. Upon reinstallation I put the stud on, then put the kick panel back over it, so now when I have to mess with kick panels I don't need to remove the stud.

Total Time: 30 minutes per side, 1 hour total give or take.

contributed by: Kurt