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July 16, 2024 

How to Read a Time Slip
Last Updated: August 29, 2003

After reading Keith's knowledgeable article on how to get your car ready for the track, you race. After the race some guy gives you a piece of paper with a whole lot of numbers on it. What do they all mean? Well here is the basic information from the slip from the race in-between Kurt and I.

CAR #926J940H
RIGHT 1ST0.1079

Well, first things first, you can see Kurt (926J) was in the left lane and I (940H) was in the right. If this was an actual race and not test and tune, there would have been our class that we where racing in listed in the class row. Your dial-in would have been listed in the dial row, this is required for bracket racing, more information on that, later.

Now on to the meat of the slip, R/T, or reaction time, is listed first. This is the time measured from the second yellow until you left the staging lights. 0.500 is perfect, as there is 0.500 seconds in-between the second yellow and the first green. Both our times sucked, anything over 0.800 is great at all. This doesn't matter in test and tune though, it is a factor in actual racing though.

60', pretty self explanatory, again neither of our times are outstanding, a good fwd car might be able to get a 2.1 with some good street tires. Kurt beat me out of the hole by a slight bit, but he is ahead of me at this point. To me this is the second most important thing on the time slip.

330', just another time, as you can see Kurt is still ahead of me, I have slightly closed the gap since the 60' mark.

1/8, halfway, Kurt yet again is ahead of me at this point, I have closed the gap since the 330' by 0.050 seconds.

MPH, this is your speed at the 1/8th mile. It is found by measuring your time to cross a certain distance. This was an NHRA track and I believe they are 60' long. Note, my trap speed is 2.6 mph faster than Kurt, even though I am behind him, I am catching up in a hurry.

1000', yet point on the track, if you notice the times, mines quicker, therefore, at this point I am ahead of him.

1/4, this is a quarter mile race isn't it? I beat Kurt.

MPH, your speed at the end of the 1/4, measured the same way as the 1/8 trap. I've got 3.39 mph on Kurt, which is more than I had on him in the 1/8, so I kept pulling.

Right 1st, up to this point, all of the times have been measured since we left the staging area, independent of one another. This is the amount of time it took Kurt to cross the line after I did. You could have it to where the loser would cross the line first, if the winner had a worse R/T.

contributed by: Canada