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Jason Woods (?, MO)
1995 Z26 - 3.1L SFI (Automatic)
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Primer black body
Shaved body bumper
Shaved rear bumper
Sylvania Silverstar headlight bulbs
Chopped antenna

3100SFI V6 w/56K miles
Oil Pump
Water Pump
Fuel Pump
Everstart MAXXX Battery
Drive Belt
Many others...

Clarion DXZ435
Kenwood Excelon Xr71-p
Eclipse 3122
Precision Power PPI PC-275
Resonant Engineering RE12 @ 34hz

The car was originally Torch Red. I purchased it from my friend who owned it from April of 2001 to April of 2005. During that time, it sustained several injuries to the body, all of which were replaced with parts from a black 94 Z26. Upon recieving the car, various body parts were black, red, and primer gray. The entire car was sanded down and sprayed primer black.

The car will soon be sanded down once again and resprayed with a white, and may or may not recieve some kind of graphic job.

When the car was purchased, most of the motor was torn down because it had thrown a rod through the block. The motor it's self was unsalvageable, so a newer 3100SFI was installed. Dozens of other critical parts were also replaced. Basically, it was a new car, inside of a 136K body.

The stereo inside of the car was installed by myself, and is capable of hitting over 139dB. The sound quality is beyond awesome, along with the cleanliness of the install. The install, along with the car itself has been entered in two car/car audio shows and has brought home 2 third place trophies.

Main Picture

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