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Steve Z (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
1994 Z26 - 2.3L DOHC (Manual)
Best 1/4 Mile: 14.97@96.08 MPH

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Car painted in factory red (2000)
Complete front end painted red (2006)
Shogun front end, FX designs
Shogun side skirts, FX designs
Shogun rear end, FX designs
Touring trunk wing
Shaved grill
K6 style mirrors with blinkers
Painted calipers and drums red
Custom made taillights
Tenzo R exhaust system L+R, Autostyle
Tinted windows 35% black
Red neons under the car
Streetglow flashers in the headlights
Side molding removed
Side blinkers shaved
Big red window banner
18” BSA chrome rims with 235/40/18 Yokohama tyres

Motor completely rebuilt (had 170 pk, now 192)
Port & polished head
Custom crankshaft with aftermarket bearings
1991 GTZ cams
K&N free air filter custom installed
Painted IDI cover
Painted air intake
Painted engine compartments
Strut tower brace painted silver/black
Bontrath hoodlifts from a CRX trunklid
Bontrath battery cover painted silver
Compleet EPS exhaust system with RVS Tenzo R mufflers
Red hose covers
Carter open airfilter
A lot off grey interior parts painted red
Clear heater nobs with bleu led's
Momo steering wheel
Custom made tear plates on the floor
Custom made shiftknob with bleu leds
Aluminium E-brake
Leather shiftknob setup from a Volkswagen Golf MK3
Sport pedals with bleu leds
2 bleu neons under dash and rear seats
3 bleu effect neons in the roof 4 neons shine on the instrument cluster

Caliber 3-way rear speakers & JBL GTO composite front
2 Ultradrive Low Rider woofers and a JBL power series monoblock
1 farad powercap with bleu neon and a voltmeter
Volt and amperage gauges with bleu leds (custom made)
Copilot navigation system via a Motorola a780
7” tft screen with Playstation2 in dash.
JVC KD series headunit

Busy with Fidanza flywheel, AC delete, and W41 chip without damn speedlimiter :-)
Appearence is good as done, little interior work nees to be done.
New rims: 18" chrome or black with polished lip.
The car was in the #1 tuning magazine from the Netherlands.
Kurt wants a tour in my car through Amsterdam :-)

Main Picture
Child Seat
Engine Bay

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