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January 18, 2022 
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The European ChapterFeatured Link
Cool site with lots of interesting things to offer - check them out!


RSM Racing
Performance parts manufacturer that currently makes a variety of parts for 2.2s, 2.8s, 3.1s, and the 3100. They have great customer service, and competitive pricing.

A performance parts manufacturer catering mainly to late model GM cars. This site also carries a lot of parts for late model Cavaliers and the various 4cyl. engines in them. If you have a Quad 4, or 92 and up 2.2 this is your place to go.

K&N Engineering
Maker of performance air and oil filters that are among the best you can buy.

JBody Performance
This site is for Cavaliers and Sunfires, but a lot of the engine and suspension parts for earlier model Jbodys will work on our cars. This is a good site to check out for anyone interested in max performance from their 2.8 or 3.1 especially. Now also carrying headers for the 60 degree v6 line up.
This is a good place if you're looking to buy an "Iceberg" high-output alternator.

Domestic Crew's 60 Degree V6 Section Editor's Choice
The best source on the net for building a hybrid 60 degree v6 engine. This site has tons of great articles, and pictures. Plus the creators have all built their own hybrid 660's and have real world numbers to back it up.

Milzy Motorsports
Now offering many performance parts for your 3100/3400.

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