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April 21, 2021 
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BerettaFest 2004: Denver, Colorado

Doug Blair just finished up calculating the votes for the final round of voting for the location of BerettaFest 2004 and it looks like Denver has won, but only by a few votes. Here are portions of the message he sent to the BerettaFest mailing list:
This was the closest year for voting that we've had so far. The final tally was Denver 96 and Kalamazoo 93. There was a lot of people that did double votes, voted in the wrong poll, didn't follow rules, etc that I had to adjust - so that's why it took me so long to get the results. I also redid the counting several times since it was so close and I wanted to make sure I got it right. Several votes were thrown out because the person failed to reply to me after I contacted them. I also tossed out votes by any people that rode to Bfest (just like last year) since it's not fair to have two votes count for only one car.


So it's Denver this year, but it'll no doubt be Kalamazoo next year if the proposal is brought up again. Big thanks to the Chicago, Kalamazoo, and Denver proposal organizers. All three of them were very well done!

Since the voting was so close, I'm going to offer copies of the recalculated final polls to both the Denver and Kalamazoo organizers if they want to see how the votes fell.
I'm very excited for a BerettaFest in Denver and can't wait until June!