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December 4, 2022 
News Archive

Still Alive - Couple Small Updates

Yes, we're still alive! Lately, there have been too many bots registering on our forums and I fear another spam attack as has been happening around other message boards in the community. As a result, I have added image verification to the registration process of signing up for our forums -- if you have any issues with this, please send me an e-mail.

I have also added a new piece of content to the information section, a list of RPO codes. There are some other articles I plan on adding as soon as I can complete some information on them. Hopefully sooner than later since there's been more dead time than there has been actual updates lately -- I apologize for this, but it's not like we're dealing with a car/platform that's getting any newer by the day. ;-) I also not too long ago updated a few member pages in that section of the site; be sure to check out the most recently updated profiles here.

Expect to see some changes/additions around here in the coming updates as well as a possible BerettaFest2007 proposal for you to vote on.